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Great Natural Way to Eliminate Acne

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Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries and healthcare is a major problem. The people of Ethiopia have experienced widespread famine and natural disasters and many of them die long before they reach old age. There is some suggestion that patients are worse off seeing a dentist in Ethiopia than braving dental pain because […]


How to take care of your spine

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Developed since autumn of 2008 till 2011, Touch Books Reader was a iPhone & iPad ebook app framework. It allowed easy creation of standalone ebook apps, by bundling our own powerful in-house ebook reader together with the ebook content in html format(1 file per chapter), a table of contents plist xml, css stylesheets and images. […]


Using Circadian Rhythm to Find the Best Time to Workout

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There are some people who happen to be in careers which subject them to a lot of heavy object lifting. If you are one such person, then you may end up damaging your spine especially if you do not understand how one should go about lifting heavy objects with minimal damages. When carrying a heavy […]