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Preventing hair loss for women

By Sanjuana Striegel / September 5, 2016

You should avoid slouching by all means since you may end up making it a habit. It is also necessary for you to keep the natural shape of the spine as you sit. This will ensure that weight is well distributed on the backbone. The right way to sit is with your back straight, knees […]


The Four Most Important Lifestyle Factors to Stay Healthy

By Sanjuana Striegel / September 22, 2015

We spend huge chunks of our lives standing for one reason or another. Standing exerts a lot of pressure on the spine especially if the individual is heavy. The pressure exerted on our spines will eventually start showing as we age. This is why it is quite important for an individual to try and ensure […]


How to take care of your spine

By Sanjuana Striegel / September 17, 2015

Developed since autumn of 2008 till 2011, Touch Books Reader was a iPhone & iPad ebook app framework. It allowed easy creation of standalone ebook apps, by bundling our own powerful in-house ebook reader together with the ebook content in html format(1 file per chapter), a table of contents plist xml, css stylesheets and images. […]