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Great Natural Way to Eliminate Acne

By Sanjuana Striegel / June 28, 2016

Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries and healthcare is a major problem. The people of Ethiopia have experienced widespread famine and natural disasters and many of them die long before they reach old age. There is some suggestion that patients are worse off seeing a dentist in Ethiopia than braving dental pain because […]


Great Natural Way to Eliminate Acne

By Sanjuana Striegel / October 8, 2015

Australia is on the list not because of poor conditions or problems with the quality of care, but rather for the time you have to wait to see a dentist. In some areas, patients are waiting up to 3 years to see a dentist, which goes against the most basic advice from dentists, who recommend […]


The 5 Worst Places In The World For Dental Care

By Sanjuana Striegel / October 3, 2015

The spine is one of the most important parts of the human body. This is mainly because of the number of functions it is able to carry for the body. It is the main source of support for the limbs since all of them are somehow connected to the spine. The spine is also responsible […]


Study: Biking, Walking to Work Rubs Off on Others

By Sanjuana Striegel / September 5, 2015

Because of changes in Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines and their policy towards pushing iBookstore as a medium for distributing ebooks, apps using the Touch Books Reader framework are unlikely to be approved for distribution on the AppStore. For aspiring self-published writers, the best distribution medium for iOS is probably iBooks, for which books can […]


Books Your Way To Success

By Sanjuana Striegel / September 3, 2015

Just for nostalgia, here are a few of the features built into the Touch Books Reader framework. Ads on demand With just a setting, you’ll enable Google AdMob integration. You can distribute your app for free and still make money from top Google-powered advertising. In-App Purchase Easily enable in-app purchase to unlock included content. You […]


The Ultimate Guide To quiltershavenltd

By Sanjuana Striegel / August 14, 2015

Failure to take care of the spine may result in a lot of back pain and this is a major source of discomfort especially for old people. As the saying goes, prevention is way better than cure and you should try being safe rather than sorry. Good practices in the early stages of your life […]